Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hungry? You will be!

So I've been dying to try out bakerella's cake pops, and FINALLY got a chance to try them! I have to admit, mine don't look as pretty as hers, and twice in the last few days I've made them but both times haven't quite got the cake to icing ratio correct.... but damn they're good!

I don't actually have any photos of the first batch I made, but they were pink cake with pink icing.. I decided with these ones to use two different colours and see how it turned out. I think next time though, I'll buy green melting chocolate -- this time I just coloured the white chocolate and it doesn't look as nice in my opinion.

I also had a little time and decided to make a sweet treat for my husband and my co-workers! They all enjoyed these sugar cookies, and I enjoyed making them! I can't wait for my next batch, I have some more ideas to help me practice piping designs. I was kind of rushed to finish these ones, it was late and I was tired. I'll probably make more this week though, I'm dying to decorate!

And that's why my kitchen has had an endless supply of dirty dishes for the last few days! Well that and cooking supper for my husband and his best friend.. both very hungry guys!
'Til next time!

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