Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coming soon..

.. Hi folks!

Long time no see, friends! I must admit, things got pretty crazy last year with moving into our first house, getting married, and then Christmas.. oh my, it was hectic AND expensive. However, I have returned! And with paint brushes in hand, no less. Not to mention the new sewing machine! Oooh, I'm excited and ready to rock! So basically right now I'm working on a few paintings, some stuff for my nephew's playroom, beaded jewelry, knitting, and sewing various things! What it comes down to is that my good friend Culinary Countess and I are looking to start up an Etsy shop; so that leaves me with trying to stock up an inventory first! And to top it off I've already had friends making requests for different things, haha.
So, while this blog hasn't seen much activity lately I do promise it will pick up quickly. I'm back to part-time work and maybe this will help keep me on track with making all my goodies :D
Take care!

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