Friday, February 11, 2011

Sew.. what?

Don't worry, you read the title right! This past Christmas I received the most amazing gift from my parents.. my very own sewing machine! Now, if you know me you know what a klutz I am. This can mean only 2 things: One; I will be able to expand creatively and make lots of fun things and two; I will probably hurt myself or get into one hell-of-a mess at some point that we can all look back on and laugh at.
My first sewing adventure brought me to the far-too-long curtains in our "dining" area -- the part of the 'open concept' upstairs of our house that contains the table and chairs, ha. I figured these would be a good starting point, and I left a few inches of overhang just in case. Here's the finished product:

Regretfully I didn't take a picture of the curtains before I hemmed them, but if you can imagine floor length curtains on a non-floor length window you can pretty much grasp the idea.
So while that was fairly simple, I decided to reuse the mass amount of leftover curtain for the kitchen window. This took a couple tries to get the right length, I wasn't sure until I literally could hold it up to the window what I liked.
The result?

Not too shabby, right? Okay, maybe it's not perfect, but like I said before it seemed like the best place to start!
From there, I got even more creative. My first handbag! Well, purse, tote bag, whatever you want to call it. I didn't use a pattern either, I basically just sewed a couple 18"x24" pieces of fabric together and added a strap, haha.

Okay, it looks a little, er, frumpy in that pic. I've been using it as a purse after all! So I emptied it and took a few more pics. First the front..

..and the back!

And one more, "in use"

I just adore the pattern, and I love the brown polka-dotted print on the back too. However I managed to forget to sew a liner into the purse. I realize I probably could have done it after the fact, but I figured it would be a real pain. I also only have black thread at the time, so it's pretty noticeable when you look up close. The good news is I learned from this purse, AND I've picked up new fabrics and threads, and I can't wait to show you the next creations (evil laugh)!

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