Thursday, February 10, 2011


Awhile back I started a project for my nephew's playroom; the Alphabet! I figured with him starting school (he's four) it would something he could recognize and maybe it might help him learn. Well, as I'm a slowpoke and get distracted easily they are STILL not finished, but I wanted to post what I've done so far. They still need some work though, keep that in mind!

And just picture, there are 26 of them in rotating colour schemes! I know my sister will just adore having to put 26 holes in her wall.. haha. I didn't think about that until after I'd started.
I also had the bright idea to use some extra canvasses from that project to create a three-tile painting. My painting skills are a tad rusty, so I felt like this would be a good exercise.

You can probably tell, but one picture is with flash and one without. I'm a really big fan of the green and blue, but I don't know just where this picture will fit in yet.
Well that's it for now. Next time I will show you my recent sewing adventures!

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